Goulandris Museum of Natural History


Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a public welfare institution, devoted to the study, conservation and protection of the natural environment. Ever since its foundation in 1965, it has mapped a pioneer route, a new rapprochement between man and natural environment.

Dipnosofistirion Catering has the exclusive right to organize events at the museum, but also has the daily operation of the coffee “Ammonites” (since 2009) located in the nearby Gaia Centre (Othonos 100) that belongs to the Museum. All spaces have high architectural standards, with references to the environmental theme of the museum and the ideals of ecology. 

Halls and specifications
Atrium (closed room): 400 (seated) – 500 (standing)
Ammonites: 80 (seated) – 100 (standing)
Minerals Hall: 70 (seated) – 100 (stading)
Auditorium: 250 persons

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