People employed in the ‘Dipnosofistirion Catering’ has been hired with very strict criteria and considered unique in their class from the renowned chefs & pastry chefs, to the specialized partners in all the sections (preparation, serving, flower decoration, lighting, audiovisual entertainment, special effects, etc.) Based on experience and expertise, they have the capability to operate effectively under stressing conditions where time presses and they are able to satisfy the most demanding customers. 

From the selection of the space and the art de la table, until lunch or dinner, their high skilled partner is always by your side, supporting even the most subversive ideas, always taking care not to escape from the code of aesthetics. At the same time, their range of equipment for serving food and drinks, offers you the opportunity to present every time something new to your guests.

With this know-how, it is noteworthy that the ‘Dipnosofistirion Catering’ has the capability to serve up to 5,000 guests daily within and outside Attica region -something that has happened many times. The great thing is that the quality of service makes every guest to feel truly unique and every customer to feel he/she made the right decision.

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